• 29/04/2016 19:34

    new updates

    today we changed a few things. we Updated our rules. and removed the share feature      

  • 06/02/2016 08:42

    bug fixes

    the troll map and  life of a dirt block has been bugfixed 

  • 20/01/2016 09:39

    bug fix for Dr Winstons castle

    a new bugfix is out for dr winstons castle  

  • 20/01/2016 09:14

    life of a dirt block update

    a new update is out for life of a dirt block fixed nametag issue in maze made the maze and the boss wave a little bit harder fixed the bug that the next wave in mob fight wont start   

  • 09/01/2016 07:30

    bug fix for Dr Winstons castle

    Dr Winstons castle has updated  fixed a bug when the saturation effect dosnt work

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